Provides support and stability for people with limited mobilityhandicap grab rail

Introducing our innovative and practical handrails designed to provide support and stability to people with limited mobility. This essential bathroom accessory is a must-have for anyone with a physical disability or who needs extra help in the bathroom or shower area.

1.Friendly touching design:Our shower grab bar is made of high quality material, anti-skid and rustproof practical ABS cover, anti-skid bump sureface, it is strong enough even when you grab with wet hands. ensuring user safety. And the ABS cover also makes the grab bar with stable  temperature, you would not feel cold when you touch it in winter, it is very important for the elder.

2.More Use: The shower bars are not only apply to use as bathroom bar, but also can hold clothing,towel and etc.



Installation of the Disabled Handrail is simple and straightforward and includes all the necessary  hardware to securely and securely attach to the wall. The rails can be positioned at the optimal height and position based on the user’s specific needs, providing a comfortable and supportive grip when traveling to and from the toilet, shower or bathtub.

The non-slip texture on the rail surface adds confidence and safety, especially when the user’s hands may be wet or slippery. This feature is vital in preventing accidents and falls, giving users and their caregivers peace of mind.


 We understand the challenges faced by people with reduced mobility, so we created a product that provides both practical help and aesthetic appeal. With our handrails for people with disabilities, users can regain their independence and confidently navigate the bathroom with ease and comfort. Add our disabled grab bars to your bathroom today and experience the difference it makes in your daily life.


Post time: Jan-09-2024