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    Dear valued customer, As Chinese new year( spring festival) is coming, we are thinking to start CNY holiday early, as covid-19 pandemic situation still not very stable in our city. We might start holiday by the end of Dec and back to office at the begining of Feb. Please contact...
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  • The future development trend of building materials and home furnishing industry

    Compared with previous years, the home building materials market in 2021 has undergone earth-shaking changes. Market practitioners have witnessed too much uncertainty, and this change seems to be intensifying. 1.Environmental protection will become a rigid threshold: Whether it is from the natio...
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  • The impact of rising material prices and shipping prices on exports

    1. The price of raw materials has skyrocketed Since the power curtailment policy was strengthened in September, domestic production of ferronickel has fallen sharply. In October, the gap between power supply and demand in various regions was still large. Nickel companies adjusted their production...
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