The future development trend of building materials and home furnishing industry

Compared with previous years, the home building materials market in 2021 has undergone earth-shaking changes. Market practitioners have witnessed too much uncertainty, and this change seems to be intensifying.

1.Environmental protection will become a rigid threshold: Whether it is from the national level or the consumer level, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection issues. Only by improving the environmental protection standards of products can companies make consumers feel at ease buying and using them.

2. “Branding” and “de-branding” coexist: In the future, mainstream home furnishing brands will gradually become synonymous with personal taste and rank, with distinctive characteristics, and take the lead in enjoying word-of-mouth dividends. At the same time, some cost-effective products are more favored by the emerging middle class. Super IP drives fans to consume wildly, and “de-branded” Internet celebrity home products have emerged.

3. Rejuvenation of customer groups: “Small town youth”, “post-90s” and “single people” are most likely to become the three main forces of future consumer groups.

4. Service and design-oriented enterprises will enter the market strongly: Compared with the past market that focused on product prices, channels and promotions, consumers in the future will pay more attention to product design, service and experience, and are more self-centered.

5. The whole outfit becomes a new outlet: With the changes in consumer preferences, the decoration pattern is slightly different from before, and the changes between the two directly affect consumers’ buying habits. As an iconic selling point, the whole outfit has already shown its strong competitive advantage.

6. Omni-channel construction: The functions of traditional sales channels are gradually weakening, and the construction of omni-channels will become the norm. At the same time, the emergence of live broadcasts and short videos has brought new opportunities. If we can do a good job in the optimization and integration of online and offline resources, it will inevitably bring traffic to product sales.

7. The concept of being close to a better life: Now consumers are increasingly seeking home design that can be closer to a better life. Product designers should seize this trend so that the occupants can experience a warm and comfortable feeling during use.

8. Service-oriented business model will develop further

“Service” is the most important part of the home building materials industry. Although it is favored by many companies, it still fails to attract enough attention given that it does not generate fundamental value. However, more and more cases show that under the future market demand, which company occupies the commanding heights of services, which company will be invincible in the future market competition.

Post time: Oct-18-2021